New Rules

In order to give the game a truly “Sword & Sorcery” feel the following rules from the Beast & Barbarians Core Book.



Sword and Sorcery heroes usually find enormous riches in their adventures — and deplete them just as quickly. Treasure, when it is gain, will slip through their fingers in the taverns, gaming-houses and bordellos of the nearest city within a matter of a few weeks. At the start of their next adventure they are often almost penniless, thus desperate enough to embark on another mission.

To simulate this cliché, after replenishing their basic equipment (repairing armor, stocking up on arrows, or replacing a lost weapon), the characters are supposed to spend all the money on booze, courtesans or other recreational activities suited to their background, even books for learned characters!

They only keep a small sum for emergencies and for purchasing new equipment, i.e. their Savings. The Savings are usually 100 Moons multiplied by the hero’s Rank, but the GM can change the amount as he sees fit. Logically, Savings cannot be higher than the money the hero earned in the previous adventure. So, if a Seasoned character only gained 30 Moons in his last adventure,
that is what he owns — and he will likely be very sad, since he has no money to spend on courtesans and wine…

Savings can be stashed between adventures, unless an After the Adventure Event interferes (see below) or something happens during the game (e.g., the heroes are robbed).

So, why bother with treasure? If characters return form fabulous adventures without any treasure, then few will believe the stories of their exploits. Characters who don’t return to town and spend outrageous amounts of money on wine, women and other entertainments will be considered lame stick in the muds or even worse, stuck up!

After the Adventure Events


After calculating Savings but before making any purchases, each player may draw a card from the Action Deck to simulate how she passed her time after the last adventure, by consulting the After the Adventure Events Table. The drawing a card is purely optional and the player is free to decide whether to draw it or not, since it might bring some useful advantage or some unwanted misfortune.

In some cases characters, or even the whole group, can decide to share the same card and face the same consequences, but this decision must be made before drawing the card.


New Rules

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